Dec 21

How to start protect a business

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protect-your-small-businessMany mothers feel the same, I can not afford to stop working, but the growth of their children. here may be an opportunity for the provider is and remains at home. Offers the best of both worlds.

Second source of income to be there when they need it for your family and for your children. There are a number of things to consider before deciding if this is what you want to do. Living and working at home? They have the advantage of leaving the house to go to work when talking to other adults every day. Mind, open to another house and your children? Are you ready for the hour, as some children treated early, stopped then? It seems that what works for you ? How to get started :

1) First, It is necessary to obtain the certificate. Please contact the office for child care in your country. Certified’ll probably CPR and first aid. The Agency will come to your house for a review. You can also perform a test. Most states allow up to six children Suppliers licenses. For more information, see the license.

2) should be entitled to a nursing home. At least a playground especially in and a safe in the room is closed course, lots of toys, games and other age appropriate toys, bed or sleeping area for each child and a bed in communication with children. On the plus side, everything you buy for your business. Toys, cribs, beds, railings, computer, etc. Can be found in the tax return, resulting in a significant benefit for you!

3) determines the cost. If you pay by the hour, day or week? Will more children work to pay like? Offer a discount when a person registers two children? If you are not sure if you’re willing to pay a little research online, or ask another provider of health care in your area.

4) Create a book to be a lot of documents. Is an important rule to remembering is to lower it! Document everything to keep their good and confusion for parents. His parents, hours and days of rest they need a monthly calendar. The contract must be signed by an agreement with the user and the parents if the additional costs of as conditions of each child and what she / Facilities provides for Sick Children, cancellations and early autumn outlet end. The menu is usually necessary to compensate for food programs for meals. We want during movement, children or home parents, who have always been well received by parents more opportunities for you to go and find safe. There are several basic models receive free.

5) . Create a program for children. Sequential days without problems. Regular meals, sleep, outdoor games, crafts, post ponement or television. Keep a journal, each child receives a special moments for parents. Kalendar takes you on a less stressful and more comfortable for alloccasions routine work. Child care at home is hard working, and you will be different hats.


This is not just a nanny. You must be a teacher, mother, cook, entrepreneurs, managers, referees, event coordinator, housekeeper and his testimony is. But you have to pay for their children and have a loving home, It is important to working parents.

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Nov 18

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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urlIf a small company expects to market your internet business, it can be very difficult to know what would be the creation of an effective marketing campaign for your business on your own. Many small businesses assume that local Internet marketing is a simple process and little effort, disappointment when their business is not to be online during startup. During the last decade, a variety of marketing ideas and tools for small businesses, it is much easier for them to succeed in the virtual world.
There are several internet marketing services for most local businesses. One of the ideas most popular marketing is SEO or search engine optimization. Providers specializing in SEO marketing may difficult for some local Internet companies, but it is vitally important for a website, and that the use of SEO determines the likelihood of a selected page for search engines. With local business internet marketing, small businesses can create sales campaigns focusing on their individual client list. This marketing technique is to create newsletters and messages directly to the e-mail by the customer.
In most cases, local Internet marketing, in fact, for existing customers of these ads, but some companies use email lists that exist for a much wider range of potential customers. You will find that many local companies have different approaches to Internet marketing to convince you to give the newsletter a website that customers of these new customers free products or the promise of new information on the potential customer.
One of the ideas most popular marketing has recently emerged for small businesses, the use of Facebook and other social networks to promote your business. By using Facebook, small businesses can connect to a variety of different marketing situations by joining groups related to your niche market and existing customers that the company may introduce other potential customers. With strong profiles and creating Facebook accounts presents your company, a small business can expect a wide variety of customers find displayed on the social network.

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Oct 28

How to write to form a charismatic voice

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There is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, the total number of votes of the charismatic influence on his career. After analyzing the mood of the most important companies in countries such as Brazil, France and Italy, the researchers found that those who exercise. Based on the analysis of samples of different voices and the political and economic discourse, we recognize that these two regions are affected, so the speakers to head voice. Charismatic and expressiveness of the two functions used to see often. He noted that “Statement of the supervision of the General of big business to earn more money and go to some of his colleagues Director working Fuqua School of Business Studies of acute researchers at Duke University, is the time to speak – which means their country of birth is just as important to change how the quality of the sound, I mean color – brought. life, feelings and emotions in a way to express that none of this information was not new to me, through a variety of voice, facial expression and body language, it is interesting to note that the results surprised the honey. I wonder. you want a strong reaction deep voices or hearing squawky or acute? no, why not discuss titles this editorial is wrong, but the training of the voice to charism wants. SOI. are two things you should do to his skills and language must be improved,

1. Use the force. And to her voice that most people do not use to strengthen the voice in the chest cavity of the pharynx, larynxes, mouth and nasal cavity.

2. Speak with your feelings, monotonous. In this case, you must obtain permission from their feelings, to see and hear. No entries or opaque, to sell the apartment.

Although this study included only males voices, which is actually a female voice. The seasons of the most successful of these elements in the table. Play with the authorities; Professional audio, and set the right tone, very interesting.

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Sep 08

Organization is aligned with the growth and success?

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iStock_000012630387XSmallIn this new economy more competitive, have to adapt businesses to grow and succeed. He is part of the way we work, to be used in the process of customer service in priority business customers. The purpose of the identification of the market (marketing and identification of niches), sales, operations, supply of goods or services, concierge services, and payment processing and after the sale.


With this universal process described in society, most of us, the displacement in any organization that we face daily. These changes will lose 25% and 55% of the turnover of small and medium enterprises, leading to a loss of 20% to 300% of their turnover.

These costs are shown:

  1. Little effort and Marketing ROI
  2. loss of income,
  3. Loss of customers,
  4. Excellent Resource Center, loyalty and respect.


This is especially true of small and medium enterprises with less “waste”. Question before the adjustment of its organization and win your market of choice, what would you do? Worth to you?


This processes of harmonization and business method is called organizational structure.

Well structured training programs tailored to the organization to work with the organization:

  1. Activities (Enabling assessment of satisfied customers in cash)
  2. people, training, communication needs, teamwork, cooperation, and work
  3. Requirements for support and information for better decisions at all levels of decision support organization. Enter individuals and groups to gather information about their contribution to the success of the team.
  4. All this is based on the management style of the organization, an important part of corporate culture.


The result resembles the organization:

  1. Progress in the implementation of the sales and profits,
  2. Teamwork makes lifts and a strong competition between services
  3. learning and improve what you do and how every day and every week, with clear learning cycle that everyone is talking about
  4. Improve communication with clients and internally
  5. Focus on what really matters to the customer so that all types of income do business with the organization,
  6. Innovation and improvement in all aspects of the business
  7. wins the market and the growth of the company, not fear the markets of intruders.


The organizational structure is based on the knowledge and experience of each member of the organization is based, so all the pieces together to fill the gaps that impede the realization of their leaders to fill a dream to create success finding. Cheap leaders and install their teams with their new business strategies in the environment and innovation in the market, business processes, organizational structure, etc., and also provide tools that are stored in the creation and placement of people, processes and information so that they can join a platform for the highest goals for the benefit of everyone.

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Aug 08

csaplar_02_28_12Any company engaged primarily in the business for a period of time for delivery way you want to prevent placement idling as much as possible. But delays and set back sare a fact of life for all companies to proactively address these delays is to accept who they are and can occur, and work around this downtime.

Below are three of the most important ways to do occur. Do you understand what is involved in downtime. If downtime Experience The delivery was quantified with care, can not fire an afternoon or loss of time. You should know exactly what it is late and the exact cost of delay – holds no staff to the state for work not delivered, or to compensate for the lack of customers to its final responsibility.

Each instance of inactivity can be subdivided by a number of factors, each of these factors is due costs.

For example, how long is the downtime in time?  How much should earn per hour , taking into account other factors, such as administrative costs, pay the driver and other details ? Knowing the causes of inactivity. Dwell are carried out for various reasons , and most of them can be prevented . For example downtime of equipment (truck breaks down the street if you want a delivery job) could have been avoided through regular and careful monitoring equipment. There are also people who can be the fault of their employees (the truck was towed because the driver parked illegally or are unaware of the expiry of the registration entry to other avoidable penalties and suspensions) . Moreover , even if there are people who are more or less unpredictable (traffic accidents or inactivity caused by ” force majeure ” causes), this does not mean that can not be quantified. For each case of unavailability, You need to collect and then operate on the data , not just the ability to determine, In order to avoid this inactivity in the future but also to improve performance as much information as possible. Effective management of Bankruptcy . You can customize hair and scream every time your business is affected by the downtime to remove, or can proactively thing to limit the damage ,reduce costs as much as possible , and to ensure that all parties (you , Its employees and those affected) customers away largely unaffected by. Meanwhile , It can damage the tourniquet  will be duly compensated for a customer. When a company offering regular work for some clients is created, You should go out of their way to apologize , not only to affected customers (clients are people and remind them and appreciate good , better than human gesture if just typed letter start), but also to provide compensation available. A good example of Amazon, the online store is strong, every time there are a delay of about idle time delivery of an item of influence, the company reimburse or gift is to maintain customer loyalty and goodwill .

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